This program monitors IPv6 networks for router advertisements. When an advert is received, a configurable action occurs.

The tool was designed to `clear' (by sending spoofed zero lifetime adverts) rogue-routes sent by users running 6to4 gateways on a campus network.

Actions are scriptable. Almost all the available information is passed to a script via environmental variables.

Ramond is heavily based on KAME's rafixd tool. Ramond was written to monitor multiple prefixes, detect the real-router being cleared and to be scriptable.

Ramond was written as part of an IRP at ECS and is used on projects such as sown.

More information can be found in the README and example configuration.



This program monitors a single interface for nodes running duplicate-address-detection. If the process appears to have failed (i.e. a Neighbour-Advert is not sent to the all-nodes multicast group within ~1 second), a configurable script is run.

More information can be found in the README.


Drop me an email if you use either of these tools!